Personal Learning Environment

Okay. Personal Learning Environment (PLE), to me is based on individual basis which of course depends on what individual needs and his/her environment surrounding. Its lies within the ability of each individual to go beyond what they can and able to.

After I searched little deeper, I’ve been fascinated by the concept of PLE. According to Ron Lubensky who has written a summary of PLE that: a Personal Learning Environment is a facility for an individual to access, aggregate, configure and manipulate digital artifacts of their ongoing learning experiences.

Wow, its mean that the learning this day is affected and depends on how we as individual know how to use digital resources despite how smart we are.

According to Zina that PLE is a concept of virtual learning environment systems that help learners take control of and manage their own learning. Surprisingly enough this concept appear the same time just as web 2.0 known in the world wide web (at least according to me).

Graham Attwell in his paper conclude that we can’t simply using the traditional form of learning in the classroom and university instead we have to looks another methods of learning which is inline with emerging and fast changing technology. It is mean that PLE is new approach inline with new technologyies for learning which provide the student their own spaces under their control, to develope, share, and colaborate with others to solve problem, and increase their knowledge. So theres is obvious that PLE is a bridge between the wall inside the institution and outside world. Its means that with PLE student can develop the judgements and skills or literacy necessary for using new technologies in a rapidly changing society.

Again, the function of web 2.0 and blogging are serve the needs of PLE. With the place like Facebooks, Myspace, Podcast, and others are definitely keep us top of the things we want to know, as long as we know how to access and use it. lol.


5 Responses to “Personal Learning Environment”

  1. I think PLE should be incorporated into schools these days. Not everyone learns the same, which is sometimes why some students fail while others succeed. I am pretty much an all around learner, but there are certain methods I use to learn best and obtain knowledge the most, while it not being boring but I actually enjoy learning. Learning should actully be fun! I think if that was the case more kids in school would succeed and not drop out you know?

  2. True they should have some kind of PLE in schools i know it was dificult for me to learn in school well my later yrs becasue the teachs didnt think on that level all the cared about was getting all the info in for dum test that if you didnt pass ya had until your senior yr to finish. I’m truly hoping that school will adopt PLE more & more so that kids of the future has a happy & great one.

  3. I like the last sentence of your first paragraph. I think the same. Its a way of encouraging yourself to learn more since its so easy. Organizing your thoughts makes surfing the web simpler. And I agree with Jashele about the whole PLE and schools. Then again some teachers are more excited about technology than others. I explored more of the web and HTML and programming in MIDDLE school than I did in high school. Just differs with the teacher I guess.

  4. Web 2.0 definitely facilitates PLEs. It makes me wonder if the term PLE was created just to put a name on the inevitable usefulness that is derived from the ability to collect and aggregate the data the community and collaborative efforts that Web 2.0 offers. I also agree with the above comments that schools should encourage the use of PLEs, but only so long as they don’t try to define a particular PLE for students to use. PLEs should be personal and a reflection of the individual who’s using them. Schools would have to be very careful to foster the growth of student PLEs without jading them towards a system the individual students may not want to continue using for “life long” learning.

  5. jaybelle90 Says:

    I think that getting so used to the physical PLE, i.e. a desk and pencil and paper, its harder to just think well I use this and that. I really just never paid attention to actually having a more like virtual PLE

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