Web 2.0 in Education

What is actually Web 2.0 is? Well I heard about it but I was’n sure what it is. I thought it was another version of operating system to use to create a website. I am close, I am almost got it right.

What my understand from my first day of IMD Fundamentals class about this Web 2.0 is the next generation of technology tools and solutions where interactive content is the norm. It’s mean this is different meaning for every organizations or individual based on what their purpose, who their audience and what they want to accomplish.

According to Alexandra Krasne that Web 2.0 is an important tools for non-profit organization. It can help them be heard, and allows the non-profit supporters to build movements for social, environmental, economic, and political change.

Derek’s Blog have the same concern of my own concern about teacher and education in general. This Web 2.0 tools could be one of the solutions to increase the quality of education. It could help the teacher to connect with others educator to social networking, share teaching tips or other skills, resources, or just chat to relieve each other loads. For Students, this is the perfect media. Most kids like internet and other interactive media. I know my daughter more exciting study through the computer and other interactive media, and I am sure other children/students out there, which almost all of them are growing up on the web, are exciting and less boring as my daughter when the studying with through interactive media rather than traditionally taught.

So, web 2.0 is not only a platform just for developer like google, myspace and others. But its a web platform build virtually for everyone. As according to Andy that Web 2.0 is a state of mind which are providing a service, encourage user to contribute and collaborate, make it easy to use, and create community sense belonging.

Wow, now I get it, and I can say that “I know that myspace and facebook are using web 2.0”. And this is also proofs that not only female who likes chat and talk. Male also talk and chat, and sometimes too much. Hah!!!


7 Responses to “Web 2.0 in Education”

  1. candiigirl Says:

    I think your blog is very well worded. It also helped me understand it more. I can definately see how it’s had an impact on all changes including social, environmental, economic, and politically. People can now also create websites to reach out to people and communicate with others of common interests better!

    – Jashele @ http://candiigirl.wordpress.com/

  2. Yeah there was alot of change after Web2.0. As a child I can remember visiting sites that didn’t really care for the user’s point of view, but now-a-days, its all about making the user happy. Web2.0 pretty much turned the internet around to where all that matters is the user’s experience and understanding with the web site they are visiting.

  3. I like your first words, and my problem with the wording of Web 2.0 is exactly what you said you though it was, it sounds very commercial and it shouldn’t… but, in the other hand, they needed a name for a second generation of tools and amplications for the Web…

  4. I like your ideas for the use of Web 2.0. I guess the whole deal about it being so commercial now could just be a way to get the foot in the door to a bigger spectrum of uses. I mean it has to be popular first right? It happens but I’m sure in time the ideas with the popular culture of today will find a good use for Web 2.0 if it hasn’t been upgraded by then… if that’s the case the I can’t even imagine just what else we can do.

  5. You brought up an interesting point about non-profit organizations. I could see where the advantages of Web 2.0 would help such organizations since much of the software used to create Web 2.0 sites is open-source and free to use. It could really lower costs for a Non-Profit Organization in addition to helping them become more exposed on the internet like you mentioned.

  6. Hi. This is Pilar,
    The part of your blog more interest for me, was the “teacher’s advantage”. Because better tools (like internet to learn) better classes. The internet as reference is part of any curriculum in teacher’s class.

    PD: for some reason I am not in the list of the teacher.
    My blog is: pilaregus.wordpress.com

  7. jaybelle90 Says:

    I also got pretty close on guessing it. Its amazing how you can use something for a long period of time and not even know its a part of something else.

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