RSS (Rich Site Summary)

What is RSS and what it does?  This one tough. I supposed that I heard it before but I have no clue.

It supposed to be useful.  I didn’t know much about it. Before I research about the subject, I thought it was somekind of program to create solely for website; I had no clue what is for and how to use it.

ProBlogger site done very good to explain this RSS (Rich Site Summary).  It explained that RSS is technology that used by most of web users today to keep track of their favorites sites, which is before had to bookmark websites in their browser and manually return to see what is been updates. So, RSS according to this blog provides easier methods to get up to date with your favorite website. Instead you searching what new out there, with RSS technology, collected the update information for you.

Well I need to start to try this tools. Probably is not just me who has long lists of different sites in the browser’s favorite.  For some reason I have two browser in my computer.  If it happened I use internet explore, and I need to open a certain website in my favorite, I have to get out and change the browser. Or  I have to searh the site again.

I used to subcribed a notification from certain website to be notify every time update information available. But than I am starting have to deal with spam.  With RSS it will eliminate this.

I guest this tools will help me to save my time and definitely easier.  I could bookmark different sites I need for different purpose.  Like my news, my research and articles for my own leisure, or even for my continous learning and education. Yet in my learning process, RSS benefit me tremendously. It allows me to quickly scan headlines (titles) and read articles related with my studying. Because the information is condensed and provided in a single location users can generally review more information in a shorter time frame.

Its means:

  • I could easily locate information, read condesed information wit clearly marked and dated topic article,
  • I could classify and categorize articles in related topic in an easy to navigate manner,
  • yet It will maximize my time without worry about spam from the email new article notification

4 Responses to “RSS (Rich Site Summary)”

  1. Very good point about SPAM and getting updates via email.. I hadn’t thought of that before.. another thing you’ll have to deal with less is website Ads and popups. Since those aren’t sent through RSS, you’ll only get those if you have to go back to the original site.

  2. logojones Says:

    Very detailed comment on rss for some one who knew nothing about it before. I am like you and i see the benefits of this. It is very helpful. I didn’t think about the spam factor. It is also a time management tool.

  3. I see you learned quite a bit… I’m glad you gained the knowledge and can now forget about your bookmarks… i think they make your browser start up slower anyway. i used to book mark a lot but would lose track of them all just like the whole Favorites thing. Great research!!

  4. jaybelle90 Says:

    I didn’t know either what it was at first. I agree it lowers the amount of spam recieve but I don’t think enough websites use it. So on some websites you still have to do the e-mail newsletter.

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