To be Professional Blogger

No doubt about it that being Professional Blogger is not easy. Most of the resources I found sugested that most of the suggestion becoming successful blogger, first are planning and purpose of the blog. Stephen Downes, in his article “How to be Heard”, sugested to write and choose the content which is in the trend and demand out there; Something that they don’t have interest in it, even though at the end of the writing content topic he encourage to study of yourself and things you thinking about the most. However other sugests to write what you know and good at it, topic which interest you the most. I agree with this, writing the stuff you knows. Because to be blogger, in my understanding is to express, your opinion, the fact that you know, and to educate others about particular things you know. After go on talk about Butterfly media, stated that “A powerful blog does not report facts”, I thought people out there wants to know the true, therefore, why avoid facts. Though, I like their suggestion that good blogger is to be involve and active in others blogger activity, especially in area that have interest in it. I ‘ve been taught that the content and good articles is everything in the writing world, however as David Peralty and John Chow pointed it out, that good articles is not the key, instead the good promotion for the blog itself follows with the proper context of the most current article on given topics. Stephen Downes also touch about design, and I agree with him that the quality of the design and layout is count. I am trained and educate as a graphic designer, however, there are alot of people out there just because they know photoshop and microsoft publisher, claimed themselve to be a graphic designer. However, as the article on master media point it out that you could tell if the designer or template quality by the layout of their site, easy to navigate and to read, load easily, have their own identity and unique, and well organize. The rest of the criteria which are very important according to my research are consistent, learn from others, begins tagging your images, responds to your comments and emails, link to others post and exchange with other blogger in your field, submit your blog to search engines,use traffic exchanges, get plugin for the social bookmarking sites, and I am sure other tips out there.

Finally, in my understanding it needs to be clean and clear in its content representation with every element closely tied in with theme and content including design, ads, blogrollsm graphics, pictures, titles, headings, and words. More importantly, it needs to send a clear message of its purpose and goals.

Wow, that’s plenty. What do you think? Do you have other tips ? Any advise and sugestions are gladly accepted since I am very beginner in the blogging arena.

5 Responses to “To be Professional Blogger”

  1. mabyerlyblog Says:

    I liked the part about not stating facts. That is confusing. This weekend I was talking to my family about Wikipedia. My 13 year old daughter says the school does not allow them to use it because it is not based on facts. My husband, who does research at the medical school, uses it all the time. I was surprised by both answers. I told them with technology the way it is now; you cannot wait for an encyclopedia to be published because the facts would be out of date. This is also why blogging is so significant. It has the latest news about a topic.

  2. candiigirl Says:

    Blogging isn’t necessarily a hard thing, even though Stephen Downes made it seem that way. To me, if you’re posting what you’re interested in and what others are interested in and you’re attracting people to your blog, that’s what matters which is really rewarding. Blogging is not very complicated. A tip would be to make a list of 10 things you’re interested in, write about one of them and then post it in your blog, of course make sure it has a point and it’s interesting. I hope that helped and I really liked the tips you posted as well.

    ** Sorry for double posting, you can delete my comment before this one, I accidently pasted the wrong thign. 😮

    – Jashele @

  3. pilaregus Says:

    I like the part where you talk about “design” because is true. I am a designer, and I have to learn how to use this knowledge but in this time I will use “moderate” no like in magazines. For internet’s purpose, I have to utilize a low pictures resolution, clear colors as backgrounds, good size of Typefaces, etc,

  4. I think that blogging is not a difficult thing to learn, maybe to find something to write about or to make lot of money out of it? is! but I don’t think that blogging is hard at all. I think that Stephen Downe is referring to the sucess part of professional blogging and the ways to make your comment and bloggs be posted and view by lot of people.

  5. I too believe that design is 9/10 of any good website out there. If you don’t have a good design people are not going to want to stay on your site because they can probably get the same information elsewhere.

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