Twitter…Twitter…Twitter ?!

Definitely I have no clue what that is.

Sarah Milstein in her online article published by New York Times, explained that how twitter can help at work. Before that I came accross blog: Social Media Watch, describe how twitter work for you. In this blog, Baby Jane pointed out that twitter not only social networking but also,  will give you benefits, from looking and searching jobs, locate for new opportunities, improve your business, and even advertise your business. Anne Jackson, TN, in her blog posted how twitter safe lives. Not to mention the article in education week which describe how twitter help educators and is one of the gadget choice to teach student to networking, cross-curricula tools, and potentially safe tools to use. The only way to proof that and know about it, I need to just start jump in and use twitter, of course before that I need to figure it out.

4 Responses to “Twitter…Twitter…Twitter ?!”

  1. twitter is amazingly yummy and addicting.

  2. Even if I don’t use twitter, I agree with your research that tells and shows all the good usages for twitter. I did find similar results in my research that shows how twitter is use to communicate with people in school or during emergencies. I think is a great tool to be use as a source of real time information, I don’t think I will use it to get updates about what my friends are saying or doing, too much junk. LOL

  3. i agree with agustine i personal wont use it but for others who like to keep with stuff, looking for jobs etc its a great tool to use there is way to many new apps out there that cam make life a bit easy yet called me old fashion i’ll just stick to what i know like

  4. I felt much like you felt when it came to Twitter for the first time. I was skeptical, not quite ready to just jump in and try it out until I knew more about it. My mother suggested to me before the class and I had looked into it. My thoughts, “Oh yet another Myspace that I won’t keep track of.” It wasn’t until I took the class that I began to realize that it was actually a simple app I could use, so I pretty much learned that old saying; “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

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