Information Trapping

I used internet in most of what I do, and these day with busy schedule I have as most people are, I always look out the new tools and methods how to get my information quick, save times and accurate. As most internet users experienced, finding, organizing, and cosuming  information on the web could be very frustrating. I get my ideas from how to be creative to pack my daughter school lunch everyday, to keep up with what I do and whats happens out there, has proven to be a time consuming and inefficient because of massive information resources on web. You typed something in google or other search engine, wow…you get hundreds or even thousands result. The web  contain massive information resources you seeking, if only you could find it. The practice of collecting information from the web which is done in efficient manner is called information trapping.

Tara Calishain is the creator of ResearchBuzz, define this practice of information trapping by subscribbing to rss feeds, setting up google alerts and similar services to bring updated contents to you as it’s generated. In her ResearchBuzz site, she went further to explained the three tools to trap the information you are seeking, as mentioned above including a web page monitor/watcher, and text editor such as Ultra Edit, or Notelight. She also mentioned another RSS feed site call FaveBot. This is will make my internet life even easier. However, one need to remember just like any other PLE tools, we need to know how it work and how we like it. Is it what we looking for and suit with our needs ? As well as like most people assume that the more information you have about something, the better you understand it. Up to a point, that’s usually true. Everything need check in ballance. Just like that you can’t just watch FOX News all the time, you need to watch CNN to understand the different.

3 Responses to “Information Trapping”

  1. I agree with you, I found very similar results about Information Trapping. I am surprised that there is so little information about it in Google and the only info that stands up is the one that Tara Calishain gave about it. It’s not even in Wikipedia! Even though we all now and use tools to “trap” information, I am sure lot of people don’t know what it means.

  2. Pilar egusquiza Says:

    Comparing information on sites is good but the problem on “information trapping” is how we can eliminate the “trash content” that appear when we are researching. Is not a magic wand that we have to use to get the perfect results, we have to work a lot to narrow our research.

  3. jaybelle90 Says:

    The web does contain a lot of information and a lot of it is a bit useless to me. I like the ideal of information trapping.

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