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My name is Evy Duvall. I was born in Surabaya, Indonesia. I moved away, across the pacific ocean, pretty far away, following my parents to South Carolina. Moved away, again, not too far, to study graphic design at university of Cincinnati (UC). Married, worked at the Cincinnati Enquirer. Overwhelm with my schedule, dropped UC continue studying at Northern Kentucky University; all the labs’ hours are very flexible, and cheaper. After graduating in BFA of Graphic Design, my husband and I moved to Atlanta, found couple freelancing jobs. By the time, luxurious furniture company which headquarter in Atlanta agreed to hired me, we found out that Atlanta wasn’t the right city for both of us. Turned down the job, moved back to Cincinnati. Have a daughter soon afterward.

I’m interested in the prospects for the internet for education while I decided to involve very closely in my daughter’s education. Than that brought me here in Dallas, Texas. Over here in Texas, I was wondering how to do the work I always want and the same time for the good cause; How does education factor into social networking plus technology? This blog, I hope, I received feedback and share knowledge to and from others in the same time as well as get the benefit to social networking.

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  1. Hi Evy! Nice to see you got your blog up and running. I look forward to reading more. Mine’s up at

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