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On Collective Intelligence

Posted in IMD Fundamentals with tags , on November 9, 2008 by sagustine

Keeping up with this week class topic on “Collective Intelligence” as what panel discussion by MIT World, the first thing came to mind is the Obama’s 2008 Presidential Election. Thomas Malone in MIT International Conference, April 27-29,2009, defined collective intelligence as “groups of individuals acting collectively in ways that seem intelligent,” and he went on mentioned that “all families, tribes, teams, and governments, for example, act with some degree of collective intelligence”. In Obama’s campaign he used collaborative and collective efforts within families, communities, religious groups, different ages groups, and institutions. Obama open up government decision-making and involve the public in the work of agencies, not simply by soliciting opinions, but by tapping into the vast and distributed expertise within American citizenry to help government make more informed decisions. Obama’s innovation and tech agenda is new kind of surge of social creativity and collective intelligence to solve problem face America together. This is inline what Tom Atlee and George Por definition of Collective Intelligence, ” Collective intelligence is any intelligence that arises from–or is a capacity or characteristic of–groups and other collective living systems”. obama campaign expanded perspective and motivate not only African American and the American youth, but it all nation.

According to Wikipedia, “Collective intelligence (CI) can also be defined as a form of networking enabled by the rise of communications technology, namely the Internet”. Well, again using Obama’s campaign, Obama use new media tools, particularly social media and online video publishing for grassroots campaigning, campaign financing and connecting with constituencies.

This campaign to me is clear success of understanding the uses of Collective Intelligence by adopting what we are calling a collaborative approach not only in traditional campaign but in technologies and new media, embracing audience participation, and mobilizing fans as grassroots advocates.

At least that the way I understand how to use Collective Intelligence. I am sure others relate to different events and examples. Since I am living in today society which I witness the history of American presidential election, from now on I completely believe than anything is possible in America.